Establishment of The Centre
Establishment of The Centre of Public Employment Services
of Southeast European Countres
   By establishing the regional centre, we will be able to more easily exchange information and experiences in all activities related to providing services to employers, job seekers and to improving the capacities of public employment services in Southeast Europe.

   When the Partnership Protocol was signed in 2006 (Sofia conference) by Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey, thus officially promoting cooperation in the field of labour market and employment and strengthening the relations among the above countries, the possibility of implementation of an interesting and useful initiative in the near future was hinted. The act of signing Guidelines for Operation of the Centre of Public Employment Services of Southeast European Countries, in May 2007 (Belgrade conference), laid foundations for its launching.     Read more» 

Activity: 13th Management Conference and 12th Expert Conference of CPESSEC, October 2014, Sibiu, Romania  Management Board
[21-10-2014  -  22-10-2014] (Romania»»»

Activity: Making the change! Implementing new European strategies in Central Europe and the Balkan region through the Public Employment Services  Information
[26-02-2014  -  26-02-2014] (Hungary»»»

Document: The Role of Media in Promoting Employment Policies and in Changing the Attitudes of Participants in the Labour Market
Information / Employment Agency of Montenegro - EAM  (Montenegro)  »»»

Project: Sustainable Mechanisms for Local Support Services
EU / Youth with Disabilities Forum, * comment - Sustainable Mechanisms for Local Support Services (Serbia)  »»»
Online Report #2 for Establishment of The Centre
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