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VIII Managerial Conference of the Centre of Public Employment Services of Southeast European Countries (CPESSEC) – CROATIA 2011
 Management Board
  [03-11-2011  -  03-11-2011] (Croatia)   

The Eighth Managerial Conference of the Centre of Public Employment Services of Southeast European Countries (CPESSEC) named “Skills for Green Jobs” took place on 3 November 2011 at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Zagreb, Croatia. The conference was organised by the Technical Assistance Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX) of the European Commission in collaboration with the Croatian Employment Service. The representatives of the public employment services from seven member countries of the CPESSEC were present, as follows: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia as well as experts from the relevant domestic and European institutions and institutes. During the conference the following presentations were presented.

Status: [C] Completed

Result: See document VIII Managerial Conference of the CPESSEC – Final Considerations and Recommendations The participants of the Eighth CPESSEC Managerial Conference were introduced to the concepts of green jobs and competencies required for successful performance of green jobs. New and emerging skill needs for green jobs were discussed as well as related education and trainings. The processes of skills needs anticipation and analysis were considered, as well as the issues of flexibility and preparedness of existing education and training systems to adapt accordingly. Regional experiences concerning the greening of jobs and occupations were exchanged and perceived problems and solutions discussed. Presentations on principles and policies of green economy and sustainable growth were given by the representatives of the European Training Foundation, GHK Consulting and WAPES; and presentations on pathways towards greener economy were presented by the representatives of the European Trade Union Confederation, Croatian Employers’ Association, Irish Training and Employment Authority, German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training and German International Solar Energy Society. The representatives of the CPESSEC public employment services exchanged their experiences in green jobs creation and adjustment of labour supply.

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