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The 10th WAPES World Congress under the headline topic “Public Employment Services and the New World of Work” (Istanbul, 5-8 May 2015) is coming near.
  [21-04-2015  -  11-05-2015] (Slovenia)   

The World Congress will be hosted by ISKUR who has also announced its candidacy for the Presidency of WAPES. ISKUR readiness to take over the lead of WAPES is important news for the CPESSEC as well. We wish our CPESSEC member all the best in the election process at the WAPES General Assembly . The World Congress in Istanbul gives the CPESSEC members also an opportunity to meet and take part in discussions which are going to be held on different topics. A representative of Employment Service of Slovenia, Mr. Jure Snoj will take active part in the Session B2 “Employers´ Needs in Changing Labour Market” by presenting how our organisation is trying to adapt its services to employers’ needs. We are looking forward to interesting discussions and gathering with the colleagues from CPESSEC members in Istanbul!

Status: [C] Completed
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