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  Labour Market Institutional Capacity Building in the Republic of Serbia
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 1,212,000 euros.
   Project location: Local     Project Status: Finished
   Project Source of Funding: donation grant
   Project Donor: Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)
   Implementing partner: Swedish Labour Market Board (AMS)

   [01-05-2004  -  31-12-2007] (Serbia)

  Short description: Overall objective: to increase NES efficiency in rendering services to all clients in the Serbian labour market. Specific objectives: 1. Support to the implementation of the National Employment Action Plan; 2. Support to the development and capacity building of local employment councils and their members, including training and providing/testing of methods and concepts for employment promotion at local level (focused on vulnerable groups); 3. Further development of client-oriented services (development of job bank and labour market forecasting); 4. Testing and development of MBO system (decentralization of the NES); Components: - Organizational adaptation according to the Change Strategy of NES and EU standards; - Social dialogue and development of local employment councils; - Management by Objectives; - Client-oriented services; - Communication and information; - Gender equality in the Serbian labour market.

  Achieved results: - certain steps have been taken in terms of harmonization with EU standards on labour market service rendering; the organization and structure of the NES have been improved; - Communication and cooperation between NES and other stakeholders have been improved (social partners are able to focus their activities on the development of functional labour market; this includes local employment councils – forums for discussions about employment issues); - Significant progress has been made as to introduction of MBO system into NES; - Larger diversity of NES services has been achieved; the services better meet clients’ needs (job seekers and employers); new channels for service rendering have been introduced – work stations with Internet access and Call Centres; - The awareness of the importance of strategic approach to information exists; NES capacities for coordination and promotion of certain issues through media have been upgraded; - Gender equality issues are seriously taken by NES; further activities are considered.

Comment: The Project is focused exclusively on the NES, its reorganization and modernization through capacity building. The Project is the result of joint efforts of NES and AMS. The Project has been implemented through the exchange of experience, knowledge and achievements in the area of employment.

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