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   Project type: Works      Project Budget: 550,000 euros.
   Project location: National     Project Status: Other
   Project Source of Funding: Employment Agency of Montenegro, State Budget, municipalities, donors
   Project Donor: GTZ
   Implementing partner: Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication, Ministry o

   [15-03-2005  -  30-09-2020] (Montenegro)

  Short description: According to EAM records, around 60% of unemployed persons search a job more than one year, and around 30% have I and II level of qualification. There are also other groups of hard-to-employ persons. Public works are one of the ALMP measures, aimed for these groups of unemployed. As Montenegro declared itself “ecological state”, EAM and partners developed a project that could additionally contribute to create and keep Montenegro ecological. Goal of this public work is to: - include unemployed persons in work and training, and that way to increase their working capabilities - widen ecological awareness for environment protection - get prepared for annual tourist seasons - create partnership on national and local levels - include international donors and NGOs Particular activities: - removal of trash and garbage alongside highways and regional roads, keeping them clean - cutting grass and wild bushes along the roads - planting trees, decorative bushes and flowers in certain areas - taking care about parking places and observation decks, etc. - “Eco-patrols” in which participate pupils from primary schools (training to spot and recognise ecological problems, and to get actively included in finding out solutions) - international volunteer camp (participants are included in particular project activities)

  Achieved results: - 150-200 included hard-to-employ persons on annual level - Risen awareness about ecology and environment protection - Improved image of Montenegro as ecological State and tourist destination - Partnership of relevant institutions - Satisfied citizens and tourists

Comment: Foreign tourists and Montenegrin citizens positively evaluated these annual projects, thanks to substantial visual effects and contribution to the image of Montenegro as ecological state and tourist destination. National Tourist Agency awarded this campaign with golden plaquettes “Wild Beauty Award” for contribution to tourist offer in 2005 and 2006

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