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   Project type: Works      Project Budget: 150,000 euros.
   Project location: Local     Project Status: Other
   Project Source of Funding: Employment Agency of Montenegro
   Project Donor: No
   Implementing partner: Ministry of Tourism and Environment Protection, Local communities, Faculty of Fine Arts, NGOs

   [30-05-2005  -  31-08-2020] (Montenegro)

  Short description: This public work is aimed for unemployed persons with disabilities, mostly those without or partly impaired hearing. According to the EAM records, there are around 8.0 % of unemployed persons with disabilities (persons disabled at work - II and III category of disability, and categorized youth). Employers are often not willing to employ these persons, although EAM offers them particular conveniences: professional assistance in selecting the person with disability, design of on-the-job training program, monitoring of the work place adaptation, co-funding of wage during the traineeship, co-funding of previous preparation for employment, co-funding of adjustment of working space and equipment for employment, co-funding of contributions for social insurance for the period of two years, and quarter of social insurances for each of the following years, etc. Within ALP measures, EAM periodically organises “Sunny Workshops” where persons with disabilities, assisted by external and EAM experts, make original postcards for Seasonal Holidays and 8th March, souvenirs, and flowers arrangements. These persons have fix-term labour contract with the EAM. Through these workshops, persons with disabilities develop their capabilities, creativity and interest for particular job, working and social skills, as well as communication skills. Training programs help them to gain self-confidence, to earn their salary and feel useful, to get trained and prepared for future independent work in similar business.

  Achieved results: - Social and working inclusion of persons with disabilities - Developed social and working skills - Risen awareness of participants about own capabilities and working potentials - Risen awareness of employers about working capabilities of persons with disabilities - Sensibilisation of society for problems that persons with disability are faced with - Visibility of these persons in society

Comment: Project showed that potentials of persons with disabilities can be properly used in jobs that correspond to their physical and mental potentials. They proved to be very persistent and hard working persons, interested in the job. In the previous period employment of these persons was treated through the Law on Employment and the ALP measures. In the Parliamentary procedure is the Law on Labour Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities. This Law will treat training and employment of unemployed persons with disabilities in systematic and comprehensive way, according to European best practice and standards.

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