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  Capacity Building, Information and Awareness Raising towards Promoting Orderly Migration in the Western Balkans
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 1,435,296 euros.
   Project location: Regional     Project Status: Started
   Project Source of Funding: European Commission AENEAS 2006
   Project Donor: European Commission, Swiss Federal Office for Migration, the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and other
   Implementing partner: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

   [01-02-2008  -  01-02-2010] (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

  Short description: The project aims at i) the reduction of irregular migration into, within and from the Western Balkans, including to the EU and Switzerland; (ii) the enhancement of the national capacity for labour migration management in the Western Balkans; (iii) increased understanding and knowledge of migration trends and potential in the Western Balkans and possibilities for labour migration; and (iv) strengthened networking and dialogue among target governments and with EU MS and Switzerland on labour migration. The specific objective is to develop and integrate efficient information, advice and referral services for migrants to assist their informed migration decisions while fostering local capacity and knowledge in the area of labour migration policy and practice. Components 1. Information, advice and referral to appropriate services to migrants and potential migrants in order to prevent irregular migration and optimize their possibilities for legal migration is provided through the established regional network of Migrant Service Centres (MSCs). The MSCs receive visitors daily and provide them with individualized assistance and group counseling sessions where appropriate on the reality and risks of irregular migration and possibilities/procedures for decent work opportunities in the country and/or for legal emigration. Country fact sheets are available and continuously updated on the opportunities for legal migration to EU Member States. The MSCs also provide referral services to relevant local institutions for individual skills development in view of improving employment potential both at home and abroad. 2. Building capacity of local authorities to develop policy and good practice as sending and receiving countries in the context of current and projected foreign labour needs. The action foresees transfer of know-how and expertise at both regional and national levels through a Regional Training Workshop on Labour Migration Policies based on OSCE/ILO/IOM “Handbook on Establishing Effective Labour Migration Policies in Countries of Origin and of Destination” and National-level training and bilateral discussions/roundtables 3. Research into migration trends and potential in the Western Balkans which will provide analysis of the migration potential from the region as well as of current migratory trends, highlighting the challenges that lie ahead for the target governments and migrants towards optimising the use of legal avenues for migrating and minimising the risks of irregular movements.

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