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  Support to National Efforts for Promotion of Youth Employment and Migration Management
   Project type: Services
   Project location: National     Project Status: Finished
   Project Source of Funding: donation and subsidy from the budget of the Government of the Republic of Serbia
   Project Donor: Spanish Fund for Achieving Millennium Goals
   Implementing partner: UNDP, ILO, UNICEF, IOM, *

   [15-05-2009  -  15-12-2012] (Serbia)

  Short description: Overall objective: to provide more opportunities for youth employment, reduce unemployment and enable successful integration of young returnees. Specific objectives: integration of objectives of youth employment and migration management into the national development strategies;capacity building of national institutions for development of integrated labour market and social services;realization of programme packages in the area of employment and social services. Expected results: upgraded knowledge and understanding of integrated policies and measures for tackling youth unemployment and migration issues; youth employment emphasized within the national development framework; national policy of labour migration management developed and capacity of Serbian Government to tackle youth migration issues built; inter-institutional system for integration of employment and social services for vulnerable youth provided; comprehensive package of gender sensitive programmes in the area of youth employment and social protection provided at local level; system for copying and dissemination of pilot projects provided throughout Serbia

  Achieved results: Research on labour market demands for knowledge and skills conducted by Republic Statistics Office, in cooperation with NES; Guidelines for Implementation of Active Youth Employment Measures adopted; the training “Implementation of Youth Employment Programmes” (for NES staff from participating Branch Offices) carried out; Call for Proposals for youth employment programmes finalized, consisting of several measures: training in institution, on-job training, training with employer, subsidies for social insurance contributions, trial work and self-employment; adaptation of the existing, creation of new and verification of final applicative solutions within UIS, according to the characteristics of particular project measure; development of user instructions for applicative solutions within UIS; development of the draft of Public Call for Proposals for additional self-employment subsidies and job creation subsidies for disabled youth; development of a model report on conducted activities at branch office level; development of a model plan of necessary resources for the following month at branch office level; harmonization of model decision with the adopted Statute on the Criteria and Manner of Implementation of Active Employment Policy Measures (The Official Gazette, no. 07/10); development of the model of self-employment contract; promotional activities carried out.

Comment: * Implementation partner:...Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Youth and Sport of RS, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of RS, Ministry of Human and Minority Rights of RS, Republic Statistics Office of RS. ** BUDGET:6.143 million USD (Spanish Fund) and 1.9 million USD (budget of the Republic of Serbia)

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