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  Preparation of Labour Market Institutions in Serbia for European Employment Strategy
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 1,999,671 euros.
   Project location: National     Project Status: Finished
   Project Source of Funding: Twinning Project
   Project Donor: European Commission
   Implementing partner: GIP International,Ministry of Labour, Employment, Vocational training and Social Dialogue, Pôle Emploi,Arbetsförmedli

   [09-05-2012  -  10-06-2014] (Serbia)

  Short description: Enhancing the effects of employment policy in Serbia, according to EU standards, through 2 components: 1. Improvement of design and implementation of Serbian policy 2. Employment policy- making on local level

  Achieved results: Result 1 Strengthened capacity of NES and MoERD Department for Employment officials and staff in European Employment Strategy Result 2 Recommendation provided on the harmonisation of the employment regulations in line with EU laws Result 3 MoERD staff capacity built for drafting of the Serbian Joint Assessment Paper Result 4 Local Employment Councils capable of interpreting data on labour market needs and developing coordinated responses to unemployment Result 5 Local Employment Councils capable of developing and steering the implementation of Local Employment Action Plans in line with local LM situation

Comment: Partners:GIP International (Public Interest Group for the development of technical assistance and international cooperation), Ministry of Labour, Employment, Vocational training and Social Dialogue (France) Pôle Emploi (Public Employment Service) (France) Arbetsförmedlingen (Public Employment Service) (Sweden) Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection, (Romania). Main activities NES:  Trainings, seminars and workshops for over 350 NES employees (topics: Europa 2020, European Employment Strategy, National and local employment action plans etc, according to mandatory project results)  Training of 34 NES trainers for preparation of Local employment action plans and project proposals financed from IPA funds  Two week practices (topics: European social fund and creation and implementation of national and local employment policy  Three study visits for 15 employees

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