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  Start Up for Your Business
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 200,000 euros.
   Project location: National     Project Status: Other
   Project Source of Funding: PMI s Contributions program
   Project Donor: Philip Morris International
   Implementing partner: NVO ENECA, National Employment Service, Center for Leadership Development, Radio Television Serbia

   [01-01-2009  -  31-12-2015] (Serbia)

  Short description: Overal objective of the project is to reduce unemployment, improve poor social situation in the country and boost the entrepreneurial spirit. The main objective of the project was to support establishment and expansion of 50 small and family businesses (entrepreneurs, small companies and individual agricultural producers) in Nis region. Because of significant results and positive impact of local economic development and stakeholders, in 2012/2013 program “Start Up for Your Business” expanded to national level, supporting start-ups and expanding business through donation and purchase of equipment, free business and vocational trainings and free business consulting services (financial, marketing and sales, organizational, IT, legal services and strategic and business planning).

  Achieved results: 1) 385 newly established businesses or supported business that grown; 2) 385 entrepreneurs build up their entrepreneur skills and knowledge; 3) The change in the climate in Serbia as a result of partnership from all 3 sectors in promoting entrepreneurship (every year, there are more applications coming for the call for the program "Start Up for Your Business"); 4) 40% more of people address NES for grants for starting their own business and not for searching for an employee in the last 3 year period (since the program has been widely recognized); 5) 148 young, highly educated people (until 35 years old, around 30% of all the granted donations) started their business.

Comment: *Start: Started in 2009 – 6th Cycle ** Budget: Around 200.000,00 EUR /year

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