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Counselling for selection of occupation
  [01-01-2008  -  31-12-2008] (Serbia)   

Activity topic: - Assistance to the students of final years of primary and secondary schools through referring to the sources of information about the labour market, occupations and education. - Indication of the necessity of understanding the realistic possibilities of the clients (competences, personal traits and interests), in relation to the demands of the education field and the labour market. - Proposal of the models for independent mature decision making regarding the choice of occupation. Summary: 1. Gathering and analysis of information about the students (first interview, testing, interviews with the parents...) 2. Individual psychological counselling which envisages: - Inspection and analysis of the problems in making the choice of occupation and school - Presentation to the client with respect to their possibilities in the context of capacities, personal traits, interests in relation to the demands of education, availability of educational institutions and the situation in the labour market; - Introduction of the client to the purposeful model of mature decision-making related to educational and occupational choices; - Agreement with the client about the subsequent course of action; - Motivation of the clients to deal with the issues related to their future career in an independent and systematic way.

Status: [N] Not completed

Result: Higher level of information about the sphere of labour, occupations and education. Better insight into own capacities, knowledge and motivation. Generally increased motivation of clients for dealing with their educational and occupational development.

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